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The Top 7 Reasons

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  #7  You have so much Brain Fog that you found the yogurt in your  medicine cabinet and your deodorant in the refrigerator.

 #6  You eat so much junk food that the mice and ants in your pantry are on a hunger strike to protest.

 #5  You get upset when you step on a scale it says: "Please... One at a time!"

 #4  So you can laugh your butt off! (which is another way we can get you into those size 6 skinny jeans)

#3  You’d like to learn delicious recipes that don’t require crumbled potato chips, beer and spam.

 #2 You’re so tired that when you discover the remote is not within reach, you figure the program you’re watching is not that bad after all…

And the number one reason why you should sign up for my FREE Newsletter (or why you MIGHT REALLY need a Health Coach) is:

#1  You’re SO stressed that when you got out of the shower, you realized that you only shaved one leg… and you’re the MAN of the house!


Marti Avila, Certified Health Coach!

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